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Marcus Mariota unveils new jersey number as QB of the Atlanta Falcons

Marcus Mariota unveils new jersey number as QB of the

Throughout his entire football career, with the Oregon Ducks, Tennessee Titans, and Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders, we have known quarterback Marcus Mariota as No. 8.

In Eugene, he even made a new facemask popular, with the front bars shaped to look like the number 808, which was his area code in Hawaii. Picture Mariota in a jersey with any number other than 8 is weird to think about, and hard to imagine.


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With his new team, the Atlanta Falcons, though, Mariota is making a change. On Friday, when he signed his new two-year deal, the Oregon Ducks’ leged also announced that he will be wearing a new number this coming season.

Jersey number 1 for QB1.

It may take some time to get used to seeing Mariota in a different number, but as long as we see him starting games for the Falcons and finding some relative success, I’m sure it will quickly become the new normal.

Now that we know his number, and can start to…

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