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Justin Jefferson Earns NVP award from Nickelodeon

Justin Jefferson Earns NVP award from Nickelodeon

Jefferson is the first Vikings player to receive the “NVP” award and the third wide receiver to earn the honor. Cincinnati Bengals WR and Jefferson’s former teammate at LSU Ja’Marr Chase won it twice, and San Francisco 49ers Deebo Samuel also claimed the award.

O’Connell said every time someone on the team earns the “NVP” award, he will be the one to get slimed. But O’Connell has some modifications for the next time he gets slimed, though.

“I couldn’t get in to shower fast enough, because that stuff is, it’s really something. But I was looking back around, and Coach [Offensive Coordinator Wes] Phillips – in classic Wes Phillips form – he waited until after to tell me that the green slime hats that J.J. and Keenan were wearing, those were really for the person that gets slimed to put on,” O’Connell said. “But he waited ’til directly after for a nice little ‘I told you so’ moment after the fact. I may modify that whole ‘it’s always going to be me’ to, it’ll always be Coach Phillips.”

Wide receiver and punt returner Jalen Reagor said it was special to see his teammates and coaches come together for an award like this.

“I feel like it was something new for me because, like that certain type of award. Didn’t nobody expect it, especially me, so I feel like it was fun,” Reagor said. “Fun for the team and just shows you the character of the team, the coaches and coach being willing to do that every time. That’s a good thing.”

“He [O’Connell] had more slime in that bucket too,” running back Dalvin Cook added. “We’re going to get him again, there’s more weeks to come so we plan on having that each week.”

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