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Jalen Hurts returns to his hometown on top of his game

'Flexibility' key as Eagles set sights on Draft Weekend

He has done it in a variety of ways this season, so nothing that quarterback Jalen Hurts does should surprise anyone at this point in a career with a trajectory and a ceiling that continues to climb. But as we take a step back here to appreciate the seven games Hurts has had in 2022 – with Game No. 8 just a large handful of hours away – a deeper dive into some of the numbers Hurts has compiled put his performance into a greater context.

Hurts plays in his hometown on Thursday night and it means something – something very significant.

“Going back to Houston, it should be fun,” Hurts said on Tuesday at the NovaCare Complex. “It’s always been a dream of mine to play in NRG-Reliant Stadium and I’ve spent a lot of time in that city – my childhood, growing up in Houston, going to watch the Texans play, being in the Texans’ facility as a kid. Going to watch high school football playoffs in that stadium but not having the opportunity to ever play in it. I will have an opportunity this week and I’m looking forward to playing. It will be fun.”

So, about those statistics. They are impressive and important, a prime reason the Eagles are 7-0.

Stat 1: Hurts averages 300.3 yards per game and has accounted for 16 total TDs

His yards per game ranks fourth in the NFL and the total touchdowns – passing (10) and rushing (6) – rank fifth. That puts Hurts in the company of Buffalo’s Josh Allen, Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, and Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow. That’s the elite company in the league in 2022.

Hurts is producing game in and game out, and that’s what he spoke about in the preseason, about how he wanted to have more consistency in his game and, if he were able to attain that, he would become an elite quarterback. That’s what he said his individual goal was for the season and here we are.

We know it and defenses know it: Hurts is what makes the Eagles’ offense go. It all starts with him. For sure, it helps that the Eagles have a terrific offensive line, outstanding pass catchers, and a running game that is as good as any in the NFL. With his decision-making and overall game-by-game improvement, Hurts is the complete package.

Stat 2: Just 2 turnovers in 7 games

Let’s put this into perspective: Since 1940, only two NFL teams have had two-or-fewer turnovers in the opening seven games – the 2017 Kansas City Chiefs and the 2022 Philadelphia Eagles. We are talking about more than eight decades of football here, so this is remarkable.

And it all stems from Hurts. He is the…

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