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What the 49ers and Cardinals are Saying Ahead of the Week 11 Matchup

What the 49ers and Cardinals are Saying Ahead of the Week 11 Matchup

Linebacker Fred Warner on preparing for both Murray and McCoy:

“We’re preparing for both. They’re going to run a similar offense with both of them. There’s the extra element with Kyler and his ability to move around, as unique of a player he is. We’ll be prepared for both.”

Warner on playing “Monday Night Football” in Mexico City:

“Everything that goes into it makes it a really special moment. Obviously, me having the connection too is really cool. The things I’m seeing going around about how there is supposed to be 80 percent of 49ers fans in the stadium even though it’s an Arizona home game – it puts a smile on your face. We want to make sure we go out there and give them a product that they can be proud of.”

Tight end George Kittle on playing in Mexico City’s high elevation:

“I’ve talked to guys who played in Mexico before that said it’s way different than playing in Denver. I know it’s going to be something, I’m glad that we’re here getting adjusted to it. I think it’ll be helpful for us.”

Kittle on how the Cardinals have changed since San Francisco last saw them in 2021:

“Them losing Chandler Jones is awesome for me. I love not blocking him twice a year, he’s really good. Besides that, they’re very downhill, their D-line gets across the ball, they’re penetrators like our D-line. It’s something that we’ve got to go against all training camp so that will be familiar. They still run the three-four stuff so it’s a little bit different, but you’ve still got Buddha Baker back there who’s flying around like a missile.”

Kittle on playing against Baker:

“He’s one of the first guys that’s always there to tackle me if I have the football. We’re not in man coverage too often, he’s more in the middle of the field and he’s the last guy in the safety net. He comes downhill, hits hard, but he’s definitely one of my favorite guys to go against. His effort on tape, you see it every single day, every single game, he does a fantastic job. I don’t want to say he’s an Energizer Bunny, but he doesn’t slow down. Every single rep, he’s 100 percent going through your knees and that definitely changes how you play the football game.”

Linebacker Dre Greenlaw on preparing to play against Murray:

“He’s just going to be running more, so you’ve got to be able to plaster and stay tighter on your guy a lot more.”

Defensive lineman Nick Bosa on preparing for multiple quarterbacks:

“We don’t really know who’s going to be there, but we’re preparing for whoever. Murray is tough, definitely…

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