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The top 50 FCS quarterbacks in 2022, ranked

The top 50 FCS quarterbacks in 2022, ranked

The regular season is over and it’s time for the final FCS quarterback rankings. All year, I’ve been tracking the performance of FCS quarterbacks, ranking the best of the best. The list never went past 15 previously, but with the regular season concluded, I’ve decided to unveil my top 50 list of FCS quarterbacks.

This list is cumulative, taking into account the entire regular season from start to finish. I’m sure there will be debates on the order, but remember, this is my opinion after following and watching games, analyzing stats and ranking the FCS quarterbacks from top to bottom throughout 2022.


This top-50 FCS quarterback ranking evaluates quarterbacks from their performances this season, factoring in every game. Here are some — not all — of the criteria evaluated:

  • Counting stats (yards and touchdowns)
  • Completion percentage
  • Quality of competition
  • Performance under pressure
  • Clutchness
  • Rushing ability
  • Wins

With that said, let’s get to the list.

The top two

The top two quarterbacks in the FCS this season are really 1a and 1b, but there’s no fun in ties so I made a decision for one and two. These two quarterbacks are far and away the best at their positions in the FCS.

1. Lindsey Scott Jr. | UIW

You can really flip flop No. 1 and No. 2 this season. I give Scott (50 TD passes, 4 INT) the top spot because of what he brings to the run game. That extra element separates him ever-so-slightly from Tim DeMorat.

2. Tim DeMorat | Fordham

Tim DeMorat is the leading passer in the FCS and has had a remarkable season. It’s nit-picky but he did throw twice as many interceptions (53 TD, 8 INT) as Scott Jr. That’ll be part of the justification for him at No. 2.

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The top five

The next gap comes in the top five. The next three quarterbacks on this list have proven…

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