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The defense gets another crack at that process

The defense gets another crack at that process

How do you guys feel about Jordan Love and his future?

Curiously optimistic. Or maybe it’s optimistically curious. Something like that.

Anticipating the live blog this season, will “Third and Cobb” become “Third and Reed” or “Third and Love being pushed by Caleb Jones“?

I appreciate the sense of humor, but for the league to fail to address QB sneaks turning into QB shoves is a dereliction of duty, plain and simple.

LVN has a hockey background. That’s a good enough start for me. I know of a couple, Wisconsin-born, NFL Defensive Players of the Year who also started out as hockey studs. I would assume that sport is the best one to prepare an athlete for potential success in football. Which other might come close? Thanks for my daily lunchtime entertainment. Preferably stolen…tastes so much better that way. Just like free beer.

I’m still trying to get my head around how big someone like Lukas Van Ness (or the Watt brothers) would look in skates and pads on a high school hockey rink. I know they all were a bit smaller in their hockey days, but still.

Last year the Packers had a difficult time stopping the run. I was present for the Philly game which really stood out. With the loss of Reed and Lowry, have the Packers done enough (draft choices) or have enough (Kenny Clark, Devonte Wyatt, T.J. Slaton, Ford) to improve this part of their game? There’s a lot of focus on Van Ness as a pass rusher but what about run-stopping skills?

Van Ness took his share of snaps at Iowa as an interior lineman and has the size the Packers prefer to set the edge against the run. There’s always a learning curve at this level, but with him I don’t expect it to be too steep. Overall, that is a major area of improvement for the defense, maybe the biggest one considering how much that facet sets up everything else. For me, there are three guys on which improved run defense will hinge โ€“ Wyatt, Slaton and Quay Walker. They’re all young, ascending players with major run-stopping responsibilities who must join Clark and De’Vondre Campbell as reliable veterans in that phase.

Eric from Minneapolis, MN

Hey II, so when Nathaniel Hackett comes right back and takes a lesser job after getting fired from a contract with guaranteed money, does he sacrifice some money compared to a Mike McCarthy getting fired, then taking a year off while getting paid from the previous organization?

No. Hackett simply saved Denver some money because whatever the Jets are paying him is subtracted from what the Broncos…

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