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5 takeaways from the Browns’ 2023 schedule

5 takeaways from the Browns’ 2023 schedule

3. Bye week arrives early

The Browns will be among the first teams in the NFL to take their midseason break — they’ll receive it on the first week possible where bye weeks occur on the league calendar.

Week 5 will be a time for rest and recharging for the Browns, who will then play for 13 consecutive weeks to close the season. The break comes early, but it could still be an opportune time away from the field after a difficult, division game-filled start to the year and a preseason that will contain plenty of time on the road.

If there are any early-season injuries, the break will also be a good time for players to heal up before hitting a long finish to the year.

4. Two big AFC matchups to close it

The final two games offer a grand opportunity to potentially solidify a playoff spot, and the first of them will be featured in a primetime setting.

The Browns will host the Jets at Cleveland Browns Stadium in their lone primetime home game of the year on Dec. 28 for Thursday Night Football. The matchup with the Aaron Rodgers-led Jets was one of the most intriguing opponents scheduled to play in Cleveland, and it’ll happen with the playoffs only a few weeks away.

A lot could be at stake, and the Browns will be the beneficiaries of playing at home on a short week.

5. Room for more primetime?

The Browns were tabbed for two primetime games, the same amount of night games they played last season, but that doesn’t mean they’re locked into finishing the year with just two nationally televised games.

The league and their broadcast partners are able to use flex scheduling and may change Sunday Night Football games from Week 5 through Week 17 and Monday Night Football from Week 13 through Week 17. The Browns could be a candidate for one of those flex spots if they’re in the playoff hunt and go against another high-performing team.

Dates and times are also still yet to be set for two of their games — Week 15 at home against the Bears and Week 17 on the road against the Bengals. Those…

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