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Ranking all 14 starting QBs the Cowboys could face in the 2023 season

Ranking all 14 starting QBs the Cowboys could face in the 2023 season

The quarterback position is the most important in the NFL. Nothing sways the Vegas lines like the dropoff from a starter to a backup and for good reason. Top QBs allow mediocre teams to be competitive, good supporting casts to be great and great rosters to be significant contenders for years on end.

So how do the quarterbacks the Dallas Cowboys face in 2023 stack up? Thereโ€™s a wide array of QB talent on the schedule, and while the onus wonโ€™t completely fall on Dan Quinnโ€™s defense to corral them, it certainly will be a major factor each week. Hereโ€™s a look at the pecking order of opposing signal callers.

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There is just too much unknown about the former fifth-round pick of the Washington Commanders to put him anywhere higher than last on this list. He can move up quickly if he plays well once he gets the chance, but going into 2023 Howell is the bottom of the totem poll.

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Mac Jones had a surprising rookie season that gave many hope he could develop into the next Tom Brady. Unfortunately, a sophomore slump has everybody wondering if Jones is even the QB of the future for the Patriots. Regardless of if it is Jones, or a different QB on the roster, the New England quarterback would land right around here on this list.

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Like Howell, Bryce Young is an unknown, but there are levels. Young was the first overall pick in the draft and is expected to be a great QB in the future. He canโ€™t be ranked above many more experienced players, but his lack of playing time doesnโ€™t put him last either.

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Murray might have plenty of success against the Cowboys, but overall, his career has taken a turn in recent seasons. Murray had the lowest QB rating of his career last season and his worse touchdown to interception ratio since his rookie campaign.

Itโ€™s not likely Murray even plays in Week 3 due to his ACL recovery. If Colt McCoy starts, he slots at the bottom of this list.

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San Francisco wins by leading with their defense and rushing attack, but they went to another level offensively when Brock Purdy went under center last season. He is a careful, precise quarterback who is in the most QB-friendly system seen in a generation. However his overall talent was…

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