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3 reasons Michigan State football will bounce back from Jamari Howard decommitment

3 reasons Michigan State football will bounce back from Jamari Howard decommitment

Michigan State lost the commitment of Jamari Howard this past weekend. Howard had been committed to the Spartans since September, but has now backed off heading into the summer.

This decommitment comes as little surprise to the fans that heavily follow recruiting, and is something the Spartan coaching staff has expected to come.

Since the staff had a feeling, and saw the writing on the wall, they have prepared themselves for this to happen and thus, Spartan fans should not be concerned about what’s to come next.

Jim Salgado

Recruiting is done by position coaches, and position coaches build the strongest relationships with recruits. For MSU and Howard, Jim Salgado had not been hired, and has just recently gotten to East Lansing. Howard and Salgado are still very new to knowing each other, and that needs to be talked about when it comes to this recruitment.

Salgado’s board

Piggybacking off of our first point, Salgado is very new to East Lansing, but he has hit the ground running. Salgado has reset the secondary recruiting board, and it is okay to allow Salgado to bring his own recruits and players in.

June OV’s

Furthering point number two, Salgado has been killing it on the recruiting trail, and has the Spartans set up for a huge month in June within the secondary recruiting.

The Spartans already have 8 DB recruits scheduled to OV in June, and that number is only growing. The Spartans and Salgado are in a great spot to still land a great haul in 2024.

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