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Ejiro Evero has seen “great improvement” in early offseason program

Ejiro Evero has seen "great improvement" in early offseason program

“These guys are doing a lot of different things, technically and fundamentally, than they’ve done in the past,” Evero said. “And we’re really just focused in on that. We’re not worried about depth charts or anything like that. We’re just trying to get better.

“And it really doesn’t matter. Even if you’re a solidified guy, like Brian Burns and (Jaycee Horn), or somebody that’s trying to fight to make the team, the only thing that we can control is just getting better and being the best version of ourselves. So that’s all we’re emphasizing and working on. As we work through, those things will sort itself out.”

Evero mentioned he was impressed by Gross-Matos’ development through the offseason program, as the former second-round pick looks to make an impact in his fourth year in the NFL.

“Just like a lot of our guys and most of our guys, from the first day we were on the field to now, we’ve really seen a lot of growth,” Evero said of Gross-Matos. “And he’ll continue to work through it. But we’re really happy with the progress he’s making.”

As for his evaluation of Johnson, Evero said he had the size, speed, and intelligence they were looking for at the position – positive remarks for a rookie who he knows will need to adapt to professional football after spending six years in college.

And when posed a “pecking order” question about the edge rushers, Evero outlined a distinction between the obvious group leader and the players around him.

“We’ve got Mr. Burns,” Evero said. “And then we’ve got a bunch of guys that are fighting and clawing and doing a heck of a job.”

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