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ESPN analyst examines Commanders draft picks

ESPN analyst examines Commanders draft picks

John Keim sat down and chatted with ESPN draft analyst Jordan Reid recently.

Reid gave his thoughts on the Commanders’ recent draft in how it might help their personnel.

1st Round (16 overall) Emmanuel Forbes

“We knew they had to corner, somehow, someway and they addressed it really early. I think they really needed to get a player who could get them some turnovers because that’s what they lacked last year. You know walking through the door Forbes is going to help you with your turnover production.”

2nd Round (47 overall) Jartavius (Quan) Martin

“I thought he was a home run selection for them. He was one of my favorite prospects because he satisfies so many needs in a secondary… so many hats he can wear.”

3rd Round (97 overall) Ricky Stromberg

“He has a ton of experience; a five-year player at Arkansas. If it were me, I’d put him out there Week 1 as the starter, I think that highly of him.”

4th Round (118 overall) Braeden Daniels

“I think his athleticism can be on display. I thought he was more consistent at guard. His tape was up and down at tackle.

5th Round (137 overall) K.J. Henry

“A young developmental piece that doesn’t have a super-high ceiling but can come in and play 10 to 12 reps a game that you feel good about. I think he can help you walking through the door.”

6th Round (193 overall) Chris Rodriguez Jr

“A bigger back you can run between the tackles. You don’t really want to run him on the perimeter a ton because he is more of that ‘downhill get those tough yards’ type of player.”

7th Round (233 overall) Andre Jones

“A true pass rusher which is something they need. You’re just taking a flyer on players that late. Athletic, you are hoping you can get something out of them. Maybe he is a Practice Squad guy where you can hope to stash and develop him.”

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