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Packers offensive coordinator says entire playbook is ‘on the table’ for first-year starter Jordan Love

What Aaron Rodgers can do in an offense is a lot more advanced than many quarterbacks in the league, but even with his departure, the Green Bay Packers playbook will be used to its full capacity. Quarterback Jordan Love is entering his first season as a starter, and the Packers have confidence he can handle whatever they throw at him.ย 

Offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich acknowledged that Love is not at the level Rodgers was, but noted that the 24-year-old was able to learn from his predecessor for three years.ย 

“Obviously he doesn’t have the playing experience that Aaron had, but from a playbook standpoint, I think pretty much all of it’s on the table,” Stenavich said (via ESPN). “He’s been around for three years and has really attacked it. Even last year, you could see him come into his own, felt a lot more comfortable, so this year he’s really hitting it on all cylinders, so I’m really excited to see what he’s going to bring.”

Given that it is his first year as the starter, there is inherently more preparation involved.ย 

“We’re starting on step 1 instead of starting at step 8, where you can start with Aaron Rodgers,” Stenavich said. “So, you’re going to take a step back and you’re just going to keep working ahead. Can’t really look at the end result right now. We’re just going to look at one day at a time and just go from there, but he’s ready, he’s excited. I think all the guys, you can feel good vibes, good energy around the locker room, so it’s going to be fun.”

Rodgers got his start after learning under one of the all-time greats, Brett Farve, and now Love has a chance…

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