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WATCH: Mike Vrabel challenges Titans with intense weighted sled drill during voluntary offseason workouts


Mike Vrabel does not mess around when it comes to coaching up the Tennessee Titans, and this sled drill is further proof of just how hard he pushes his players. The Titans posted the video from voluntary offseason workouts on social media, which showcased the difficulty of the session and the intense-yet-fun-loving demeanor of Vrabel.

The Titans tweeted, “Hitting the sleds,” and “hitting” them would be an understatement. Those players were demolishing them. Vrabel had the players push the sleds with additional weight on them as far as they could, and it did not look easy.

Take a look at the workout:

I’m in pain just watching.

As if the video wasn’t extreme enough, the Titans’ social team added dramatic music to really paint the picture of the intense day at practice.

Titans players are seen using every last ounce of the energy and strength they have, sometimes falling over behind the sled. Players falling flat on their face as they attempted to keep the sled moving led to laughs from those in attendance.

Still, the team looked at the workout as a bonding experience. Now these players all have a shared experience of a not-so-fun drill. Nothing bonds people quite like a tough day at work. 

Players were pouring water on themselves to stay cool, hyping each other up, and doing whatever they could to be the one to push the sled the furthest.

I see ice baths in each of these player’s future.

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