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Celebrating Jalen's diploma, Kelce's return and … How does D'Andre Swift change offense?

Inside decision to bring back Classic Kelly Green jerseys

We’ve got a lot for you on this Eagles Insider Podcast. First, quarterback Jalen Hurts continued his remarkable offseason by walking  across the stage last week and receiving his diploma after completing schoolwork for his master’s degree in Human Relations and he talks about it with Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro. Then, center Jason Kelce talks with Dave about returning for 2023 and what it’s like to take this offseason step by step, a necessary process. And then former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook joins to talk about the impact new running back D’Andre Swift might have on the offense this season. How can the Eagles use him? What kind of difference will he make? Westbrook, an Eagles Hall of Famer and a unique and deadly piece in the offense back in the Andy Reid years, discusses

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