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Why some rest for Washington was good

Why some rest for Washington was good

The truth is, sometimes it is actually more important to rest than it is to work.

No, you can’t make a lifestyle of resting more often than working. If you are going to maintain physical fitness, or maintain your property, develop your skill set for your career, it will require work – and lots of it.

However, the unanimous consensus of those reporting on Commanders training camp was that Friday was the worst practice thus far, really sloppy at times.

But Sunday was said to be much better.

Should we be surprised? The Commanders were in pads several consecutive days in the summer heat. The body can only take so much before it begins to experience a breakdown.

It’s true in all sports. Swimmers take on a tremendous workload during the regular season, but as they approach their biggest meets of the season, they will all “taper.” That is, they taper off in their yardage in the last weeks prior to the biggest meet. This allows them to be fresh, rested and ready to record their best times of the season.

The Commanders offense has not only been having to do battle against a defense that was a top-10 NFL defense in 2022, but the offense is also a step slow, with the added psychological weight of having to think through and trying to learn the new offense being installed by former Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

Consider the offensive line. They are not only going up against Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, Montez Sweat, Chase Young and their backups. The offensive line is having to learn new steps, new techniques in both passing and run blocking as well as new plays of which they may not be accustomed.

Having the day off Saturday permitted them time to be off of their feet, replenish with plenty of electrolytes and even get in some mental study of the new offense they are learning.

Rest is not to be ignored. Rest enhances recovery. When you have worked hard as the Commanders did in pads for a week, rest is actually important – significantly important.

For instance, Curtis Samuel began to feel his legs getting heavy and tight. Runners know all about this. There are times to back off, get some rest, increasing your chances of a better recovery before your next workout.

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