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Former Patriot Vernon Crawford Finds Success Coaching Women’s Professional Football

Former Patriot Vernon Crawford Finds Success Coaching Women's Professional Football

Running back Katie Falkowski expressed that Crawford’s drive for perfection was intimidating during her rookie season in 2021, but she quickly came around to see Crawford’s point of view.

“I think he’s a savant, and I see it in how he installs and prepares for games and how he gets us ready,” Falkowski said. “He always says, ‘we’re looking for perfection,’ and because of that, he has really high expectations. You realize and learn how much Coach Vern loves the game, but also how much he believes in you. He shows you how you can be better and that’s all you could ever ask for in a coach.”

Although Crawford brings a detail-oriented, tough love approach, he never loses sight of the fun in football, frequently cracking jokes and lavishing players with playful nicknames. The balance of levity and gravity helps fuel the healthy competition.

“I think Coach Vern is hilarious,” Falkowski said when asked about her favorite memories with Crawford. “There’s a million moments, but I think at practice he’s in a mood where he’s just hilarious, he’s screaming out stuff, calling people goofy names and telling the defense they’re doing stuff wrong to try and get them off. It gets us all fired up.”

Outside of the Renegades, Crawford works as the head coach at Quincy High School. Having had opportunities to coach both men and women, Crawford explained that the biggest difference between the two is how appreciative the women on the Renegades are about the sport. Due to the lack of opportunities growing up, a majority of the women weren’t able to play organized tackle football until much later in life. By contrast, some boys start playing Pee-Wee Football at five years old.

While boys have more of a head start, Crawford appreciates the level of commitment the Renegades players have shown to learn and grow their football IQ.

There may be no better example of this growth than former wide receiver and current WR coach…

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