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Final thoughts heading into Draft Night

Final thoughts heading into Draft Night

The crew gives final thoughts heading into the 2024 NFL Draft:

John Schmeelk: I’ve been thinking about this draft non-stop for the last three months. We are finally here, and I want to bring it back to basics. The common refrain is just to “draft the best player.” I don’t think that’s right. The correct way to phrase it is “draft the player that provides the most value towards winning a Super Bowl.” Not as snappy, I know, but I phrase it that way for a reason.

It isn’t just “draft the guy that provides the most value” because then the quarterback would be the no-brainer pick for most teams that don’t have a top quarterback already in their building. Even the 12th or 15th best quarterback brings more value than a player at nearly every other position on the field. But does drafting a player that eventually becomes the 12th or 15th best quarterback in the league bring you closer to a Super Bowl?

Aside from Nick Foles and the Eagles in Super Bowl LII, an older Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 50, and Joe Flacco in Super Bowl XLVII, a top quartile quarterback in the league has pretty much won the Super Bowl since Super Bowl XLII nearly 20 years ago. Good quarterbacks help you win regular-season games and get to the playoffs, but great ones win Super Bowls. Even Foles and Flacco in the group above played elite level football on those playoff runs to get those teams championships.

Which is why, unless a team thinks a quarterback has the potential to be a true elite player, selecting one extremely early doesn’t really add more value than a top player at another elite position like wide receiver, offensive tackle, edge rusher, or cornerback. The Giants are fortunate enough to be selecting at sixth overall in a draft where Daniel Jeremiah has three quarterbacks, three wide receivers, offensive tackle and an elite pass-catching tight end in his top eight players.

Without moving at all, the Giants will be able to draft an elite quarterback, an elite player to protect their quarterback, or an elite player for their quarterback to throw to with their first selection. It is a great place to be. Trading up for an elite player at the league’s most valuable position is never anything that should be ruled out for any team, but a trade down could make sense too.

As Joe Schoen stated at his press conference last week, the Giants are not one player away from contending. If they can move down a few slots and still position…

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