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Tennessee Titans’ Colton Dowell expanding knowledge under new staff

Tennessee Titans Colton Dowell suffered serious knee injury vs. Texans

We’re one month into the Tennessee Titans’ offseason program and there is already a very clear difference in the way this coaching staff operates as opposed to the last one.

Not only are we getting specifics and fantastic explanations from head coach Brian Callahan and others on different things, we’re also hearing players laud the new staff for its approach.

The most recent example of this is wide receiver Colton Dowell, who told the Titans Colosseum Podcast that he’s learning things he’s never learned before.


“I’m learning things about offense that I didn’t really think I would want to learn,” Dowell said. “Things are intriguing me now that I had no part of. It used to be just give me the routes and I’ll run the route and you throw the ball to me maybe.”

“They’re just explaining quarterback reads and how they’re reading it,” he continued. “Different things that could happen in a defense that would change our route or change our play. They’re great teachers and they can motivate us without having to necessarily yell and there’s not a lot of rah-rah going on. We’re just all — I don’t know how they do it — we’re just all motivated for one goal right now.”

Quarterback Will Levis also touched on the new coaching staff recently, saying his relationship with Callahan is unlike any other he’s had with a coach.

“I think it’s just, for one, earning his trust as a player,” Levis said of Callahan. “I do feel like there’s a friendship there but I’ve never really had that I feel like, where it’s like a friend with a coach. You always have that dynamic that he’s the boss and I’m his worker. But he’s done a good job coming in with mindset of ‘hey, I’m the coach, what I say goes and I’m going to tell you guys what to do, but I’m also here for you guys and to talk about anything.’

“So, I feel like I’ve been able to talk with him comfortably about other things other than football. He’s been great in that way.”

After years of having every shred of information guarded like the gold at Fort Knox, it’s refreshing to have a coaching staff give the kind of information this one has thus far. And, clearly the players are happy with the new group, also.

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