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2024 NFL schedule release: Ranking league’s 10 most memorable videos created by social media teams

2024 NFL schedule release: Ranking league's 10 most memorable videos created by social media teams

For NFL social media managers, the schedule release day is like the Super Bowl. During the offseason, teams work to come up with the most creative videos and ways to reveal the dates and times their franchise will face each opponent. Everything is an event when it comes to the NFL. and the schedule release is no exception.

Some teams take a more simple approach, others use humor, but all put it the work to make their video reveal more interesting than just a list.

With 32 teams, there are a lot of good videos to choose from, so we broke down the best, listing the top 10 from Wednesday night.

The Chargers crush it every year, and definitely had one of the more in-depth videos this offseason. Their reveal is based on the Sims game and was loaded with Easter eggs. From the Taylor Swift appearance, to a reference of “ChiefsAHolic” on trial, the references were savage. 

They put Jim and John Harbaugh having a pillow fight for their game against the Ravens, referenced the Falcons‘ 28-3 blown Super Bowl lead and had a Patriots retirement home with all their former legends. The Raiders fans were depicted as clowns and Sean Payton was returning players and Kirk Cousins was shirtless at a club and the music halted when Michael Penix Jr. walked in.

The Titans could have easily taken the top spot, and rather than put them at No. 2, it should be 1A and 1B between them and the Chargers. Last season, their video was asking people on the streets of Nashville to name NFL teams based on their logos and the results were hilarious. They took a similar approach this season, bringing back someone from last year’s video and having her ask people to describe the NFL teams the Titans are set to face.

3. New England Patriots

“Good Will Hunting” is a fan favorite in Boston, so it only made sense to make a schedule release video in the theme of the movie. It stared Julian Edelman as “Jules Hunting” as he miraculously decodes the schedule and impresses those in the facility, including Patriots legend Ernie Adams and longtime researcher for the team. Rob Gronkowski played the role of Ben Affleck, encouraging his friend “Jules Hunting” to stop watching Patriots games at home and work for the team. 

They made exceptional references, including “Pink Stripes,” which is a shorthand Adams used that went viral in a Patriots documentary, when fans attempted to decode what it meant. Former head coach…

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