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Winners and losers from 2024 NFL schedule release, plus ranking the best revenge games

Winners and losers from 2024 NFL schedule release, plus ranking the best revenge games

Welcome to the Thursday edition of the Pick Six newsletter! 

I’m guessing you’ve probably heard by now, but in case you haven’t: THE NFL SCHEDULE WAS RELEASED LAST NIGHT. 

If you’re wondering why I’m writing in all caps, it’s because I’ve had 12 cups of coffee since yesterday morning and my brain is so fried that I’m not even sure I believe in the existence of sounds anymore. 

Anyway, I’m guessing you already know what we’re going to be covering today and if you guessed the NFL schedule, then you are correct. We’re going to cover the schedule release, the schedule release and more schedule release. If you missed the schedule release, you can see a list of all 272 games here

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1. Today’s show: Instant reaction from the schedule


I wasn’t the host of today’s episode of the Pick Six Podcast, which was probably for the best, because if I had been hosting, I would have demanded that we individually cover all 272 games on the 2024 NFL schedule. However, I was told that wasn’t a practical idea because it would take 37 hours, so we didn’t do that. Instead of me as host, Will Brinson was in charge of things today and we were joined by Tyler Sullivan, and the three of us gave our instant reaction to the schedule. 

One of the things talked about was the slate of holiday games for 2024, and that conversation included each of us picking our favorite Thanksgiving game. 

  • Breech: Dolphins at Packers. Sure, the Dolphins have lost 11 straight games when the weather is under 40 degrees, but I still feel like this will turn out to be a good game. Win or lose, the Dolphins are almost always fun to watch and I don’t think this will be an exception. 
  • Sullivan: Bears at Lions. Sulley is excited about this game because it will give us all a chance to see Caleb Williams on the national stage. By the time Week 13 rolls around with the Thanksgiving games, we’ll have a good idea of what Williams can do and if he’s starting to look like a star, then this game will become must-see TV. 
  • Brinson: Giants at…

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